What Do Anesthesiologists Do?

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We know what anesthesia is – it’s the numbing. It’s the putting you to sleep so that you don’t have to worry about pain. Although, to be fair, it’s not always about putting you to sleep. In general, anesthesia just means that it’s going to prevent pain whilst a procedure is taking place.

An anesthesiologist, then, is someone who works within the context of delivering anesthesia. Contrary to what you might think, that doesn’t generally mean pain management. It has more to do with assisting doctors who are carrying out surgeries. Read more…

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Why Pain Management is Necessary

We Americans in particular are in love with the idea of machismo. We love the idea of having something painful happen to us – either by working out and pressing up a huge load, or having to carry through a marathon while on a hangover, or something else like that.

Why? Because they give us a story. They give us something that we can brag about, something that struck us to the depths and revealed courage and steadfastness and other such wonderful things.

And that we don’t need pain management. Read more…

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What Is Chiropractic Intervention?

Chiropractic intervention is generally considered an alternative form of medicine that centers on working with and amplifying a body’s ability to heal naturally. More specifically, chiropractic intervention is used to help patients who may be dealing with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

What this typically amounts to is what’s called manual therapy. It’s a fancy way of saying that the chiropractor puts his hands on you and then makes adjustments to your body depending on what’s ailing you.

So, for example, if you have a case of joint pain, the chiropractor may decide to force the joint through a series of motions such as rotations. If it’s a problem with your back, the chiropractor may decide to lay you down and force your spine into a readjusted state.

Chiropractors tend to fall into two categories – “straights,” who believe that the discipline alone is enough to cure you, and “mixers,” who may or may not mix in ideas from mainline and other alternative medicines.

Because of this differentiation, it is most important to research your chiropractor before you set an appointment. Some such practitioners may decided to use alternative medicines – acupuncture, ayurveda or some other type – that you may not be comfortable with.

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5 Signs That You Need To See A Pain Specialist

April 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Did you know that many people go through life without ever realizing that the source of their occasional pain troubles is an actual underlying illness. Dr. Carl Balog is a pain specialist in the Portland and Salem area and he would like to offer some advice for those who suffer from chronic pain. Here are five signs that should prompt you to seek professional help from a pain specialist in your area.

1. You suffer from pain that recurs on a regular basis.

2. You have had injury to your back, neck, or spine during your lifetime.

3. You often experience burning sensations in your legs, arms, or lower back.

4. You suffer from headaches and migraines that come and go.

5. You have been diagnosed with chronic pain problems in the past.

What other symptoms did you experience that led you to seek the advice of a professional pain specialist?

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Welcome To Dr. Carl Balog’s Official Blog

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi and welcome to the official WordPress.com blog of Dr. Carl Balog. This is the resource you need to have to ensure that you stay up to date with Dr. Balog’s latest professional endeavors.

Whether it is the discussion of a brand new pain therapy process or the addition of additional support services at Oregon Pain Associates, you can find all the latest news, insight, and industry information all right here.

Please feel free to explore the various posts on this blog to learn more about what Dr. Carl Balog has been up to and how his medical services and therapies can be of a major benefit for you or a loved one.

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